⚓️ About us ⚓️

Our vision at Anchored 4 is to beautify homes one distinctive piece at a time.

We work really hard to offer the most unique, handcrafted décor to deliver you the most personalized, home-décor shopping experience possible - from our home to yours.

          The name Anchored 4 came about because I have four, amazing children. They are my four anchors who keep me grounded through life and keep me going when things get rough. They are the glue that holds me together. And, without them I would feel utterly lost at sea.

My passion is home décor and I want to share this passion with you.  All my items are handcrafted from myself and full of love.  All our supporters and customers are a part of who we are and help us grow. You are the Anchors who hold this boutique together and are most dear to my heart. And, because I appreciate every single one of you, I have created the Anchors Reward Loyalty Program. Sign up and collect Anchor points from purchasing items or from simply sharing us on your social media feeds.

Then cash in your ‘Anchors’ to get discounts off of your future purchases. Whenever you’ve purchased a new beautiful piece from our boutique, please share it with us by taking a picture highlighting how it’s become your latest favourite piece in your home and tag us. We will repost it on our Instagram & Facebook page.

Please follow all our social media platforms for updates, the latest items and FREE giveaways!

Thank you so much for being apart of our journey as we embark on this exiting new adventure. Anchors Away!  ⚓️